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A very warm welcome to Courtyard Farms Limited. At Courtyard Farms, our primary objectives is to provide quality service with a competitive edge. We have built our company to be lean and dynamic in dealing with our client requirements. We pride ourselves in offering high standard of products and goods. We are confident that our entire team will strive to provide their very best to not only meet but exceed your expectations, and we look forward to be awarded the opportunity to do so. The management and staff will take personal pleasure in following up on your demands. This company is built on people; therefore, we believe that our approach to conduct business is that of a partnership with our clients. Our aim is focused on the challenge we set ourselves to become the preferred firms in Nigeria and West Africa at large.
It is our hope that you have a wonderful experience doing business with us and we thank you for choosing Courtyard Farms Limited.
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Since the introduction of Cocoa into Nigeria in about 1874, it has grown to become the fourth largest exporter in the world with production level, reaching 385, 000 metric tonnes per annum. In view of Nigeria’s significant contribution and export capacity to the world volume, the study examined the competitiveness by assessing her export performance and determinants of cocoa export from Nigeria. The Revealed Comparative Analysis (RCA) and multiple regression were employed as analytical tools using data set from various institutional sources that ranged from 1990 to 2005. The outcome of the analyses revealed that Nigeria has comparative advantage in the exportation of cocoa, based on the RCA and RSCA indices. The OLS estimates showed that world export volume, exchange rate and Nigerian cocoa output were determinants of cocoa export from Nigeria.